Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bedside Cabinets - Ample Storage, Convenient & Easy to Maintain

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Bedside cabinets manufactured by Narang Medical Limited not only uncomplicate the work of the caregiver but also adds to the comfort and autonomy of the patient. Designs are innovative and attractive with many practical and hygienic features. NET brand Bedside cabinets are extremely convenient for both patient and caregiver.

All our models of Bedside cabinets are easy to maintain, convenient and with ample storage capacity. Click here to view all our bedside cabinets

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Medical Exams Tables

Examination tables are necessary furniture for hospitals and healthcare units. There are different types of examination tables. Few examination tables are versatile while others may be differentiated because of their specific applications. Medical Examination Tables offered by Narang Medical Limited are thoroughly tested and certified to ensure high-quality and durability. Some popular models are:

Single Section Examination Tables: Mounted on protective stumps; framework made of mild steel epoxy coated finish; knock-down construction; 1900 × 650 × 700 mm.

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2 Section Examination Tables: We have standard 2 section examination table with back rest adjustable by crank mechanism. The other model comes with adjustable head section with ratchet mechanism to varying position and supports for leg holders with solid mechanism to fix leg holders at requested height and width.

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3 Sections Examination Table: Our 3 section examination tables have adjustable head and leg section with lever mechanism to vary positions. The framework of this table is made of chrome plated rectangular steel tubes with upholstered top.

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You can even customize your own examination table to better fit your needs by telling us your desired material and design.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Comfy ICU Bed - 5 Function Electric ICU Bed

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Narang Medical Limited has a wide range of highly advanced and remote controlled ICU beds. The Comfy Series beds (Model Code: HF1051, HF1054, HF1056 & HF1059) is equipped with CPR device which allows nursing staff & doctors to simultaneously lower the back rest to a full flat position from any degree of elevation in order to save vital time in critical situation. These beds also have built-in emergency battery backup to maintain all functions during electricity failure.

Specification: Back rest tilting 0-70ยบ; Knee rest tilting 0-35°; Trendelenburg tilting 0-15°; Reverse trendelenburg tilting 0-15°. Size: 2140 × 940 × 480 / 760 mm.
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