Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bedside Cabinet with Overbed Table

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NET brand Hospital bedside locker (cabinet) and wardrobe with over bed table on castors for easy movement is a 2-in-1 furniture for ward or patient at home. The frame work is made of epoxy coated mild steel. Lockable with height adjustment as standard.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NET Brand Handheld Suction Units

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NET Brand Handheld Suction Units are light weight, portable, manual and hand-operated emergency suction pumps. These units does not require batteries or electricity yet provide powerful suction whenever and wherever required. Both the models are safe and easy to use. Compact and easy to store. Easily fits into emergency or rescue team bags or ambulance.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Phototherapy Units

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Photo therapy is a common and effective methods of treating jaundice in neonates. The excess amount of Bilirubin in blood causes jaundice in neonates. Phototherapy Units emit blue light which helps in breaking down bilirubin by reducing its concentration.

Narang Medical offers various models of Phototherapy Units. Double Surface Phototherapy unit comprises of CFL Phototherapy Stand with digital timer for lamp usage hour and patient exposure and a Infant Care Trolley that has a clear acrylic collapsible side panels and Baby tray with transparent slot to incorporate the facility of under surface phototherapy.

Another model is a mobile stand with height adjustment facility along with easy swiveling of source box. This Phototherapy Unit can be used along with Infant Care Trolley, Radiant Warmer and Incubator.