Friday, September 7, 2012

Hospital Bed Features Comfort for both Patient & Healthcare Provider

Designed specially for hospitalized patients or persons in need of some form of health care, NET hospital beds have features both for comfort of the patient and also for the convenience of health care provider. Some of the common features of these beds include adjustable height for the bed, adjustable side rails, and electronic buttons (remote) to operate the bed.

We have Hospital ICU Beds, Fowler & Semi-Fowler Beds, Plain Hospital Beds and Hospital Orthopaedic Beds.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stretchers facilitate Fast & Convenient Patient Transfer

Saving Lives When Seconds Count

Medical Stretchers have long been an essential device for Hospitals, Ambulances and Rescue Teams. Of late, there has been awareness of including Stretchers as an essential item along with the fire extinguisher and first-aid kit in schools & educational buildings, hotels & resorts, cinema theaters & malls and practically in any or all public places in order to cope up fast and efficientely with any emergency situation.

Expedite the safe and secure movement of injured people to the point of medical attention with NET brand Stretchers.