Monday, March 23, 2009

Hospital Furniture

Almost in all healthcare structures, whether big or small, Hospital furniture along with modern medical equipments have important role to play. Hospital furniture not only help surgeons to perform the critical surgery with utmost safety, but also make patients feel comfortable during their stay in hospital or the surgery/post surgery as well. Narang Medical Limited's (NET brand) hospital furniture are designed and produced keeping safety, multitude of applications and functions in mind. Elegant looks, innovative designs and utility are highlights of our furniture made for hospitals and medical offices.

Some of the common hospital furniture used in hospitals and manufactured by us are hospital beds, ward furniture, hospital cart and stands, bedside tables, hospital cabinet, and baby furniture. We also offer variety of other furniture used in hospitals like medical office furniture, bariatric furniture and also furniture for waiting rooms and lobbies. Here are links to some of the product pages related to hospital furniture category:

- Hospital Beds
- Bedside Lockers
- Bedside Tables
- Baby Cribs/Bassinet/Pediatric Bed
- IV Pole
- Foot/Step Stools
- Hospital Cart & Trolleys
- Hospital Bed Mattress
- Bedside/Revolving Stools
- Bedside Screen
- Bowl Stands
- Kick Bucket & Crash Cart
- Examination Table/Couch
- Obstetric Tables
- Mobile Operation Theatre Lights
- Ceiling Operation Theatre Lights
- Stretchers
- Wheelchairs & Mobility Aids
- Blood Donor Chairs
- Dust Bin

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