Friday, August 20, 2010

Comfy ICU Bed - 5 Function Electric ICU Bed

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Narang Medical Limited has a wide range of highly advanced and remote controlled ICU beds. The Comfy Series beds (Model Code: HF1051, HF1054, HF1056 & HF1059) is equipped with CPR device which allows nursing staff & doctors to simultaneously lower the back rest to a full flat position from any degree of elevation in order to save vital time in critical situation. These beds also have built-in emergency battery backup to maintain all functions during electricity failure.

Specification: Back rest tilting 0-70ยบ; Knee rest tilting 0-35°; Trendelenburg tilting 0-15°; Reverse trendelenburg tilting 0-15°. Size: 2140 × 940 × 480 / 760 mm.
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