Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Crib, Infant & Pediatric Beds

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SAFETY is the keyword we keep in mind while designing and manufacturing Baby Cribs and other furniture for infants & babies. You can depend on NET brand baby cribs to provide your Pediatric and Neonatal Departments with the safe and durable hospital cribs.

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NET brand baby cribs and infant hospital furniture are manufactured to strict standards and therefore provide safety and comfort to infants and babies.

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Narang Medical Limited manufacture and supplies:

- Infant Bed/Baby Bassinet with Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg 12ยบ

- Semi-Fowler Bed for Children, with Side Railings

- Infant Bed/Child Cot Stainless Steel with Adjustable Height

- Semi-Fowler Bed For Children, with Side Railings

- Swaddling Table

- Baby Bassinet Deluxe

- Baby Cradle on Stand: Swinging Type

- Pediatric Bed with Side Railings

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