Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Care Equipments

The range of equipments we offer for newborns, post natal care, premature baby care and general care of neonates are dependable, efficient and sophisticated. We have both diagnostic and therapaeutic range in this category. Some of the products which are popular and being exported across the world are NET brand Baby Incubators, Infant Radiant Warmers, Foetal Heart Monitors/Dopplers, Infant Resuscitation Trolley, Baby Bassinets, Phototherapy Units, Infantometers, Ultra Voilet Sterilizers and Thermal Blankets.

- Baby Care Equipments
- Phototherapy Units
- Foetal Heart Monitor/Doppler
- Baby Incubator
- Neonatal Resuscitation Unit
- Infant Radiant Warmer
- Ultra Voilet Sterilizers
- Thermal Blankets
- Infantometers
- Baby Weighing Scales

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