Friday, May 8, 2009

Suction Machines & Units

Suction machine is usually an electric or manual unit which contain a vacuum pump (piston, diaphragm, or rotary vane), bacterial filter, vacuum gauge, trap for moisture (or any debris accidentally drawn into the mechanism), a reservoir for the aspirated material, and a suction catheter or nozzle. They may be intended to provide high or low vacuum, and high and low flow rates. Low vacuum is used for post-operative wound drainage.

Narang Medical Limited offers quality Suction Machines to suit every application and situation including portable suction units & machines, wall suction, pipe suction on trolley, electric and manual suction units and handheld units. Over the years NET brand Suction Machines has become synonymous with quality and cost effectiveness and are appreciated, recommended and imported by several countries.

- Portable Suction Units
- Electric Operated Suction Unit
- High Vacuum Suction Machines
- Electric cum Manual Unit
- Suction Units Manual
- Hand Held Suction Units
- Pipe Suction on Trolley
- Wall Suction Manual Units
- Vacuum Extractor

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