Friday, May 15, 2009

Height & Weight Scales

Narang Medical Limited offers a variety of equipment and tools used for Anthropometric measurement and growth monitoring. The measurements you get from our scales are reliable and give a correct assessment of nutritional status of individuals. You'll find modern, elegant, durable and most importantly “accurate” height & weight measuring devices including digital & mechanical weighing scales, baby weighing scales, scales for physician, height measuring scales, and also kitchen scales, multipurpose scales and measuring tapes under Height & Weight Scales category.

With the largest selection of Height Measuring Scales, Infantometers and Physician Scales at Narang Medical, one is sure to find the medical measuring device that meets their requirements.

- Height & Weight Scales
- Weighing Scales
- Weighing Scales- Digital
- Physician Scales
- Height Measuring Scales
- Measuring Tapes
- Multi Purpose Scales
- Kitchen Scales

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