Friday, May 8, 2009

Medical Autoclaves & Pressure Steam Sterilizers

Each instrument or piece of medical equipment which comes into contact with a patient is a potential source of infection. The autoclave used in a healthcare structure is a device which uses steam to sterilize medical or laboratory instruments and other objects to kill or inactive all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Sterilization temperature and sterilization cycle are set to achieve this objective. Sterilization by steam under perssure ensures complete elimination of all forms of microbial life.

There are many types of autoclaves and the simplest of autoclave resembles a pressure cooker. It is a large pot with a gauge on top and bolts that fasten the top to the pot. As we know water in a pressurized container can be heated above the boiling point and the water attains much higher temperatures, the autoclaves kill unwanted micro-organisms. Narang Medical Limited offers a wide range of autoclaves & sterilizers which minimizes the risk of exposure to infection for each patient and provider. The products in this category are Autoclaves/Pressure Steam Sterilizers, Stainless Steel Instrument Sterilizers & Dressing Drums, Hot Air Sterilizers, Hot Plates and Steam Indicator Strips.

- Autoclaves & Pressure Steam Sterilizers
- Fully Automatic Autoclaves
- Portable Semi-Automatic Steam Sterilizer
- Double Wall Autoclave with Vacuum
- Gas cum Electric Autoclaves
- Horizontal Sterlizer
- Laboratory Autoclaves Semi Automatic
- Hospital Dressing Drums
- Instrument Sterilizers, Stainless Steel
- Hot Air Sterilizers
- Steam Indicator Strips

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